K is for Kindle

Kindles. The marmite of the literary world. You either love yours and are dancing naked around a pile of your burning books, or you think they are the work of the devil and you are hiding in your bath surrounded by books, sniffing them one by one, letting the bottom right hand corner daringly dip in the water every now and again, just because you can.

Actually, we’ve all had this debate and I think lots of people accept that they are part of the industry now and use a mixture of both. I thought I hated them until I got a new phone and downloaded the kindle app. Tomorrow I’m flying to Germany for four days and am quite pleased that I don’t have to carry a load of books, I read quickly and I always read more than one book at a time (not literally at the same time, you understand, I’m not a freak). I still prefer an actual book, I’m more likely to read it again if it’s a paper copy. I can look through old books that have been well read and remember how I was feeling when I read them, where I was sitting, and often, from the crumbs, what I was eating too.

The main problem I have is how easy it is to buy a book. I’ll be sitting reading the paper and see a book mentioned, it’s by someone I like so I’ll have a little look. Just a look you understand, just to read a couple of reviews, then bang. It’s like I have ‘Buy Now’ tourettes, it’s so quick it’s almost like I didn’t do it. Then I forget about it. It’s the same when I order anything online, it’s so easy, you don’t have to physically hand any money over so by the time it arrives I’ve forgotten all about it. I act like someone has sent me a surprise gift. It’s great. Until you see your bank balance.

I would just like to say though that the kindle has not opened up a whole new world for women who want to read dirty books. I read a lot of reports about 50 Shades that said that now women can read erotica freely, without being judged, because nobody knows what you’re reading if you’re reading it on a kindle. This is nonsense. Women have been perfectly capable of reading this stuff for years. We’re not ashamed, we don’t need permission, we have perfected the art of flicking through a book to skip straight to the filthy bits since we first graduated from Judy Blume. So dip that in your bath and sniff it.



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11 responses to “K is for Kindle

  1. Clare

    Judy Blume had some filth hidden in the pages, my copy of Forever must have gone around all the girls in my form!

  2. I have the Kindle app on my iPad. I also have the Nook app, and the Apple iBooks app. I’m not sure if I can pinpoint exactly why, but I tend to favor iBooks. If I’m buying an ebook, I’ll only go for the Kindle version if it’s not available for iBooks. See–the snobbery doesn’t stop at paper or ebook:it’s WHICH ebook!! 🙂

  3. I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to get a kindle and god I love it, damn. I now have thousands of ebooks, love a lot of the indie writers.
    Maybe they should stop making paperbacks and just have ebooks and beautifully made hard backs for collectors. I have about 4000 real books but it’s only my hard backs I really care about. Don’t shoot me it was just a thought.
    maggie winter

  4. I have both a Kindle and the Kindle for PC app. Of the two I use the Kindle app on this laptop simply because I have the luxury of the laptop’s bigger screen. Plus at my age I need to enlarge the type to read. If I do that on the Kindle, I’m lucky to get more than one paragraph on the tiny screen. 🙂

    • Ah yes, I have the kindle app on my laptop too but tend to use the app on my phone more as it’s more convenient to carry round. ebooks just seem so much more versatile for this and many other reasons.

  5. I have a kindle app on my ipad, and I LOVE It. Being in Australia, finding the latest books was always a pain, and even if you can find them, they cost twice as much (if not more) than they do in the US. Even if I ordered it somewhere like book depository, with free postage, it would take two weeks to arrive.

    Now, I just download it and have it in minutes. There are still some issues (some books are still more expensive here in Australia!), but overall, I’m reading far more than I did before I got the kindle app.

    Rinelle Grey

    • Yes, me too, which surprises me as I never thought I’d like it that much. But it’s so easy, and much cheaper. I’m in a book group and for the first time in ages I’ve actually read the books on the list because I haven’t had to wait to order it/go and buy it.

  6. I’m the one hiding in my bathtub surrounded by books because I can’t bear to get a Kindle just yet; however, when I went to England for 3 weeks years ago, I had a full suitcase of just books, so for that reason, I will probably get an electronic something or other next time I have a long trip coming up. But man do I love my real books.

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