U is for Unique

We are all unique, yes? We are all special and different. Social media is full of special and different people. There are so many outsiders out there that they have now become the insiders. Weird is the new normal.

Often the people who make a big deal about being odd are the most normal of them all. Actual proper weird people don’t talk about how weird they are, they just are without either realising or caring. It’s like those people who claim to be mad or crazy. ‘I’m mad, me,’ they’ll say proudly ‘I just do mad stuff all the time’. Really?

People think they are special and social media enforces this. They’ll write a tweet or a blog post or a status update and people comment and react. Every little thought is put out there, for everyone to see, there are no fleeting thoughts on the internet, it’s saved forever. Anyone can go on a reality tv show and become a celebrity, social media isn’t any different. For a few minutes after we tweet/Fb/blog we are mini-celebrities. We just need to remember that there are thousands of other mini celebrities, each as insignificant as each other. Just because you can put it out there to thousands of people doesn’t mean you should.

We are all odd and it is this which makes us all the same. Maybe it’s a need to stand out in some way, to even feel superior. To convince ourselves that there is a point to all this, that we do matter. But however weird you might feel, however much of an insider, there is always someone else like you. Someone else who feels just as weird and alone, as they sit there, reading the back of shampoo bottles and making up imaginary Oscar speeches in their head


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6 responses to “U is for Unique

  1. lol for real, so funny, ‘I’m mad me’ hilarious! I too love mad people sadly those who claim such, are as you rightly say, generally as dull as dishwater.
    My IT guy likes to tell me a problem on my site is because I’m special, I tend to tell him to F off. Great post as usual, thanks.
    maggie at expat brazil

  2. Yes, this really needed to be said. And you said it really well.

  3. The best books in Scott Westerfeld’s UGLIES series were, IMO, the first, UGLIES, and the last, EXTRAS. In EXTRAS, everyone has a popularity counter. People “post” videos of things, and their position in society is rated by how many views their videos get. This is, of course, a big plot point in the story, but I think Scott is drawing from the craving for fame that our social media environment promotes. True, most people have always wanted some form of fame, public recognition, popularity. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs put that dream within arm’s reach. But when everyone’s famous, the desire then becomes to stand out. “Look at me! I’m different!” Of course, you don’t need a blog, a Twitter account, or a YouTube video to be different. Just look at your fingerprints. 🙂

  4. A motto that should be etched into all computers: “Just because you can put it out there to thousands of people doesn’t mean you should…..

  5. Well said. People who are weird (whatever that really means) don’t scream it out … they just are.

  6. Even better than being unique and weird is finding those other unique, weird people who you can share it with!

    Rinelle Grey

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