Z is for Zumba

Z is a hard letter, it’s been a hard day, I was stuck. So instead of ranting I’m posting a flash fiction piece:

I’m walking to meet you, leaving a trail of lies behind me like confetti at a wedding. A doomed wedding. One that stinks of convenience and the fear of being alone. I’m risking everything yet you treat me like I’m nothing. And still I come. My self esteem so low that I’ll accept any scraps of attention from you. For a very short while I’ll feel like I matter. But we both know that I don’t.

He thinks I’m at Zumba. No, that’s not right. I think he knows that I haven’t set foot in a Zumba class for months but he’s like me, preferring to live in a fantasy world, it’s safer there, easier.

Later, I’ll go back home and we’ll lie to each other and avoid each other’s eyes. The ghost of you will be all around us but for a while we’ll pretend that we can carry on like this.

But for now, I’m all yours. And neither one of us has any idea how lucky you are.


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9 responses to “Z is for Zumba

  1. Cute flash fiction. I enjoyed the A to Z Challenge. Have a great year writing. It was nice meeting new people with such awesome talents.

  2. I dearly love your rants, but I have to say pretty impressed with your flash fiction too.
    I hope to read more from you:) See you soon.

    maggie at expat brazil

  3. Colin

    Well done on completing the A-to-Z Challenge, Tracy. That’s a good piece of flash fiction, too. 🙂

  4. Nice response to the letter Z. And to the Flash Mob.

  5. Wow, amazing that you combined both challenges. Snappy story. Great seeing you in the mob!

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