Ten Things I Have Learnt in my Mad Month of Crazy Everyday Blogging.


  1. Other bloggers are really nice.

    Not that I thought they wouldn’t be of course, I wasn’t imagining a group of nasty old bitter bloggers, giving me bad advice on purpose, telling me to make sure I made fun of Americans in my first post and making comments like ‘you’re crap’ on every post. But I’ve had so much support and encouragement in the last month from people I’ve never met, or even chatted to before. They’ve given me advice, suggestions for blog posts and have taken the time to read and comment.

  1. I can find the time to write every day if I make the effort.

    Up until a month ago I complained that I didn’t have enough time to write as much as I wanted to. I’m working and have two children and responsibilities and family stuff going on. But doing this has shown me that I can make the time, even if it’s just half an hour every evening, ten minutes in my lunch break. If I can come up with a blog post every day from scratch, then I can certainly write down some of the words that are constantly in my head, which is good. I once likened my thoughts to noisy puppies, if I don’t let them out regularly they start charging around my head and peeing on the furniture.

  2. I can be a little bit grumpy.

    I find lots of things really annoying. Who knew?

  3. Having people disagree with me is good.

    A writer I know has a regular blog. He recently wrote a blog that caused a bit of controversy, while a lot of people agreed with him, a lot of people also disagreed. He got upset and claimed to have been misunderstood and when he wrote his next post he said that he wasn’t going to read the comments. Apart from that being the bloggy equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears in an argument and singing loudly that you can’t hear, it’s also incredibly arrogant. I can’t imagine writing something and being so 100% certain that I am correct that I’m surprised when people take a different view. I might think I believe one thing, but then hear another point of view that changes that belief, it’s what discussion is all about. This is why I like having so many friends with such a variety of views. Unless people are rude, which is a different issue, I welcome people challenging what I think, I don’t want a group of people around me nodding and reaching for the ‘like’ button before I’ve even finished my sentence, that would just annoy me. Possibly. That’s never happened.

  4. I’m maybe not as much of a weirdo as I thought I was.

    Or rather, I am, but there are plenty of you out there to keep me company. It seems I’m not the only one who’s sat and read the back of shampoo bottles. I’m not the only one who’s rehearsed imaginary Oscar speeches in their head and I’m not the only one with a stationery obsession. Thank you. Freaks.

  5. It’s not always the people you expect to support you who do.

    But this is just life.

  6. The people who really need to read your blog are the people who never will.

    The hassling of agents, the retweeting of compliments, the smug tweeting about knowing exactly who has unfollowed them that very day; these are all things that are happening right now on my timeline, live! Stop it.

  7. I can maybe be a little bit more than a little bit grumpy.

    Deal with it…

  8. My husband is pretty fantastic.

    I knew this before of course, I wouldn’t have married him otherwise. But in the past month he has put up with me waking him up just as he’s falling asleep to tell him that I have thought of a ‘W’. I have interrupted conversations to rush off and scribble something down. He has washed up and made lunch boxes and stopped fist fights and sorted children out for bed and still been patient as I say yet again that I am coming to bed I just need to read/write something. He’s always supportive and even though he’s had a book published himself recently he always has time to listen and give me advice. Having said that, me blogging/ranting to you means that I don’t rant as much to him. Hmm…

  9. I still really like using an ellipsis…


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8 responses to “Ten Things I Have Learnt in my Mad Month of Crazy Everyday Blogging.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being weird, though…in fact it should be encouraged.

  2. I would call your grumpiness just honesty. Puppies peeing on furniture was a real lol, thanks for the image. Yes I too have been pleased with how many genuinely nice people I’ve met on the a to z, been great fun. I’m pleased you are going to continue blogging and look forward to more, I wish I could articulate my thoughts as well as you do. Interesting that your friend could only concentrate on the negative comments should ignore the ego never helpful always makes you miserable.
    I had to google ellipsis, now I have to use one… badly.
    Good job, cheers.

  3. You calling me a weirdo?? haha.I’ve been called worse. I still don’t have my reflection post finished. I wrote ten lines and gave up. After writing a poem a day I actually used the excuse that I’d no time.Being grumpy doesn’t help..Well done on completing blog.I look forward to more. 🙂

  4. It’s been fun reading your posts, and getting to know you over the past month, Tracy. I hope you’ll continue sharing your weirdness with the rest of us weirdos. 😀

  5. I loved this post! (Oops, not meaning to be one of those people who just likes everything. I really did enjoy this post though.) Funny and true in many ways. Though I do think maybe it’s time for you to get some new twitter friends. I don’t see that sort of stuff on my timeline. 🙂

  6. I loved this!! You made me giggle out loud a few times. 🙂 Congrats on completing the challenge. 🙂

  7. Hello! I nominated you for the Liebster blog award http://ambrozya.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/the-liebster-award-thank-you/

    With great respect! A.

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